Terms for Book sales 

Books will be offered for sale at public events such as book and literary fairs, special events or farmer’s markets that I may or may not attend in a collaborative effort.


Sales efforts are based on public benefit. Some expenses are involved in efforts VP (Vermont Press) and local author’s advocates are expanding for the sales of my books. These expenses can range from local advertising, press releases, web or Facebook advertising, to paying for event fees, hiring advocates to speak on your behalf, process payments, set-up tents and tables, credit card processing etc… VP will try to keep expenditures to a minimum. Fees for sales will range from a minimum of 5% to 25%. Members can bring the cost down by volunteering at events.


VP will do it’s best to guard books at events but cannot guarantee any losses due to theft and uncontrollable external events. If books are not sold, I may choose between donating books to local libraries or sending a prepaid label to receive by books back.

Changes to terms:

These terms may change from time to time and I will receive notifications.


After your request is approved you will receive information about where to send your books.