Book Distribution

Book Distribution is a collaborative effort for members of the

League of Vermont Writers (LVW).

Promotion and publicity are not in the constitution or the strong suit of most writers.  Tasks such as visiting bookstores, writing and sending press releases, applying for awards and business aspects of publishing tasks quickly colonize precious hours that should be devoted to the craft of writing and are to most annoying.

As the publishing industry changed emphasis, authors find themselves torn, frayed and oscillating between choices of excelling at their art or promoting their accomplishments. Hours and days that could be devoted to prose and carving new stories are eaten away with emails, phone calls, packaging, post office trips. The process dilutes the diligence, discourages many good authors. Consequently, many excellent writers may remain nameless.

The Vermont Press took on the challenge of addressing that need and kicked off a web site for Vermont Writers.  Its aim is to organize a collaborative force to promote and distribute books to small bookstores across the state and beyond.

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