Vermont Press founded programs to encourage reading and writing, such as  Lara Moore Reviews, supporting the passage of memoirs and related genre and The Writers’ Quilt, promoting writing for people who have suffered severe illnesses or trauma in a new approach to treating and learning about diseases called: Narrative Medicine.*

Our staff has experience in writing, the book industry and the many aspects of the publishing industry. The programs are funded by authors who have dedicated some of the income of their book to help other authors.

  • Narrative Medicine is an expanding new field that recognizes the value of storytelling in the healing path. The goal of this one-of-a-kind program is to create an inspired, rich, and multidisciplinary experience for everyone on a healing or caregiving trajectory. Immerse yourself in morning talks, afternoon writing groups, and many opportunities to practice yoga, work in groups, and contemplate in nature.

“We hope to bring authors to the forefront and promote their important publications. Vermont Press exposes authors to a wider readership as well as organizes panels at Book Venues such as the Bookstock Festival and Boston Book Fair.”