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Stephen Russell Payne, a fourth-generation Vermonter from the Northeast Kingdom town of St. Johnsbury, is a surgeon known for his poetry and short stories. He has been published by The Vermont Literary Review, The Tufts Review, Vermont Life Magazine, Livin’ the Vermont Way Magazin’ and ‘Route 7- Vermont Literary Journal’.

Stephen first became serious about writing after an inspiring visit to his 7th grade English class by local poet Galway Kinnell, Pulitzer Prize Winner. He graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy, moved to Boston, where he studied premed and English at Tufts University.

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Cliff Walking” is Payne’s first novel inspired by his experience as a former police officer and surgeon dealing with abused children and spouses. Set on the rocky and at times, unforgiving coast of Maine, Stephen Russell Payne’s emotionally powerful debut novel, Cliff Walking, shares a poignant tale of loss and love that weaves together the lives o
three desperate people who struggle mightily to find a way to save each other.  More

5.0 out of 5 stars 
The greatest joy, new love – on 

Every mother should read this book. Especially a mother who finds herself at a point when motherhood and life have turned on her in a direction she never imagined possible. This book and its characters ripped me to shreds, and it’s going to be a very long time before I get them out of my mind. I was furious, saddened, confused, heartbroken, frustrated, without hope… and then, full of hope while reading this book. The author put my emotions all over the map, often within the span of a few pages.

Cliff Walking is a Must-Read Novel – 

A book across two continents. – By Mrs. Marie L. Speer  More