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“Scattered Pages,” a new historical novel explores a young woman’s struggle to discover the truth surrounding her childhood abandonment, even as the United States is pulled into World War I. The book spans generations, offers great insight and detail into an important time in U.S. history. More

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Ms. O’Keefe had a long career as a teacher of young children, and took on the craft of writing as she retired. Her first book, a historical novel was based on her grandmother’s childhood. She remarks: “I began to listen to the characters. I discovered that their feelings, desires, motivations, even their voices came from somewhere within my unconscious mind, rather than from my thinking mind. I strive to remain open to the wisdom of my characters and trust that they will show me the way.” More


5.0 out of 5 stars
Great writer Wonderful true story with an unexpected ending – By Paul R. Thibault 
I didn’t want it to end – By Fausiebird 
Engaging and Well Written – By E.S. It was a fascinating story with many details about life in post WWI New England that made for a rich and satisfying read. Justine’s style is engaging; she writes with authority and clarity, taking the reader into the life of Gemma Enman, the young protagonist who is searching for answers about her childhood and her family. More

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