Nancy Means Wright

Queens_cover final.inddQueens Never Make Bargains is the engaging, evocative tale of three spirited Scottish-American women who carry on their lives through two world wars, a flu pandemic, and a Great Depression. The story opens with young Jessie Menzies, who takes ship to America to live in a Vermont machine tool town  to work as nanny to her pious Uncle Wallace’s bereaved children. The action moves in and out of a boarding house filled with eccentrics like the feisty artist Llew Arthur, whose polio forces him to paint propped up against a shaky card table. The story brings readers into the 30’s N.Y.C. A theater world where a small-minded congressman succeeds in silencing the actors; and into wartime London, where rebel-pilot Victoria ferries her beloved Spitfires, has a failed love affair, and mourns a lost child. ISBN: 978-1-935922-47-6, Paperback Fiction. Buy the book

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About the Author

Nancy is the author of many books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. A mystOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAery series based on the turbulent life of passionate 18th-century feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.


Vermont is her primary writing landscape! She says: “I love its mountains, valleys, autumn leaves, winter snows–even mud season, which inspired my first mystery.”

She was born in Vermont in an old house from 1795. Presently she lives in Middlebury with her life partner, Llyn Rice, an aerospace engineer and is a grandmother to seven grandchildren. She began to write at age nine. She was inspired by Nancy Drew and secretly envied her for living with her father without a mother. “The scenes played out, as soon I was writing them down. I had some fifty pages before mother found them and thought she had a juvenile delinquent living in her attic. That was my first rejection.”



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