Jerry Johnson


Up the Creek Without a Saddle

You have heard the saying, “Up the Creek Without a Paddle,” but have you also forgotten your saddle? In this excellent collection of poetry, author and Vermontian, Jerry Johnson, has done a beautiful and telling job describing his home state through timeless pieces of poetry and its uniquely vibrant illustrations. “Up the Creek Without a Saddle” is certainly a compilation worth reading. From the rivers, hills, mountains and fishtails of Vermont, to its lakes, valleys and sunsets galore, you better forget that saddle the next time you head up the creek. More

Genre: Poetry/Outdoors/Nature/Art.

Binding: Paperback/CD and Kindle

Pages: 172


Jerry Johnson

About the Author: Jerry Johnson is a school teacher of 29 years. Having attended the prestigious University of Purdue, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, it’s no wonder Mr. Johnson can provide us with such a gift as poetry. Also, a civil engineer and top 10 ranked New England tennis player; Jerry remains an absorbing and well-rounded character to this day. Two legendary Vermont master musicians, Jon Gailmor, and Pete Sutherland have interpreted several of his poems.

Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.8 out of 5 stars on Barnes & Nobles.

This book has received nteresting personal reviews from authors/screenwriter John Fusco, Howard Frank Mosher, Peggy Sapphire, Geof Hewitt, Ray Hudson, and Lynda-Graham-Barber.

Publisher(s): Creek Road Press

Author’s website  (Free CD with the purchase of a book on poet’s website).

Profile authored by Barret Bryan Wiita, Writing Intern at Vermont Press


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