Kathryn Samuelson


This book is intended for meditation. It contains images, corresponding texts, and exercises to use in combination with the images and texts.

It is a means to find the inner peace and healing that emerges from listening to one’s heart.

A tool for those looking to broaden and deepen their meditative experience, the stunning photographs and text of the images provide a way to:

bring openness into your life and heart
go on a journey unlike any other
travel into your heart with ease
build a new relationship with yourself

Images can be used as a method for those seeking to find their hearts’ stories and bring them into the light. Unique in the worlds of meditation and transformative experience, these pictures open the gateway to perceiving the self and the world from the center point of one’s being.

About the author:

Kathryn has followed her call to a spiritual path and trained as an intuitive counselor and certified life coach at the University of New Hampshire. She assists people through life transitions. Samuelson also had a career as an attorney and graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law.11149469_1074617292565297_1151891566630327892_n