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Marion Stahl latest book: Anita’s Piano has received much attention. Her Montaigne Medal Finalist Award was no surprise. Her most recent publications reflect her search for justice and understanding of patterns in societies. More

AMonsterChase-FullCover4 (1)In a Monster Chase, she examines and illustrates how in a need for a larger solution, healthcare providers became convenient scapegoats. Their licenses, hang on a visible single, easily targeted by authorities, whose servants execute, with little training in the matter, in a tyrant, mindless, often gratuitous eagerness to please, making serious legal errors (analogous to ‘Krystal Night’) leaving vulnerable physicians too financially devastated to fight back. She compares how a certain German leader duped the hungry public with the ‘final solution’ that killed millions and affected generations. Stahl shows a similar failing with the approach of criminalizing medicine and earnest disservice and damage to the general public. In the past ten years, a mere sixty thousand physicians suffered a similar fate as Dr. Quail in her novel. More


5.0 out of 5 stars

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.’- Friedrich Nietzsche – on 
A bureaucratic legal monstrosity – 
A Bold and Revealing Snapshot of Modern Medicine – 

As is Marion’s bent she has written a new book to investigate the multiple facets of the problematic status of American Medicine. Few writers have the ability to present a case for the need for change as well as Marion’s realistic, carefully considered from all angle’s stances.  The result: a profoundly moving book that holds a magnifying glass to medicine in this country. More