Nancy Means Wright

  • Walking in the Wild BY Nancy Means Wright
    Prince and Pauper Press



Nancy if the author of seventeen books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; five contemporary mystery novels and a novella.

She won the Agatha Award for Best ’06 Children’s / YA Novel. More



ISBN-10: 1622510003ISBN-13: 978-1622510009

Book Reviews

This book is hilarious!

It is the comical tale of two girls and a brother who was forced to move in with an aunt during the Revolutionary War period. The three siblings “set out” with a cousin to meet with -year-old Rachael’s betrothed and the siblings Pa, several days journey away. “Murphy’s Law” them on their journey and they are forced into many delays. The story is told by 13-year-old grumbles the whole way. The reader, however, cannot help but chuckle at her rebellious yet submissive obedience in doing as determined sister instructs. One’s attention is captured from the beginning and is captivated to the conclusion of this tale. It allows a YA to have a sense of the difficulties most experienced during that time in history, but in an entertaining way. It is an ideal book for the middle school grade year student. It is fun to the older YA and Adult reader, as well.

My review of this book offers it a Five Stars rating. It ‘s hard to put it down once you begin reading.

Entrancing Read

Excellent Historical Novel

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