Mary Tedford and Pat Goudey

  • Collecting Books BY Marie Tedford and Pat Goudey
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Marie Tedford started out in the book business as a scout in Rochester, New York. She is a writer of nonfiction and has written children’s books for an educational publisher. Marie is a general bookseller in Underhill Center, Vermont.

Pat Goudey, Marie’s daughter, has worked as a newspaper reporter and has her own editorial service’s company, the Editorial Resource Center, in Warren, Vermont. Outside of publishing, Pat Goudey O’Brien has been a certified Emergency Medical Technician and training officer for her town’s ambulance squad. She also worked in theater as an assistant manager, box office manager, and publicity liaison for the Foxborough Regional Center for the Performing Arts in Foxboro, Massachusetts, during the first years of the center’s programming.


  • ISBN-10: 0375722939
  • ISBN-13: 978-0375722936

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If you’re a book collector or bookseller, you need this book 

This book’s extensive guide to collectible book pricing is fascinating and valuable in itself, but what I enjoyed even more was the numerous interviews with longtime book dealers. These interviews, sprinkled throughout the book, provide a keen insight into today’s out-of-print bookselling and collectibles market. Of course, the experts disagree on some points, but that is all part of the fun — you get to decide what makes the best sense for you, and apply those ideas to your own book-hunting adventures.

This is a great book for someone who is just learning the values of collectible books. Even though it’s a few years old it gives you a great starting point. It lists a few hundred titles and gives the price that was feasible at that time.

Collecting Books Review

More up to date books of this type would definitely cost a lot more.
I highly recommend this book as a tool for learning the trade.

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